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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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in libya program true for first the rebels advance following the airstrikes the coalition meantime considers arming the opposition but there's a warning with that breach the u.n. resolution got the latest this from. meantime the fears of a terrorist backlash in europe with the alarm sounded of a possible plot by libyan islam it's in revenge for the bombing raids. and there's radiations the biggest concern around japan stricken nuclear plant revisiting once prosperous town the chernobyl scene was a post-crisis exclusion zone looks like a quarter of a century on. a
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very good evening this is r t it's ten pm here in moscow my name is kevin owen and we started libya where pro-government troops and pushed rebel forces out of the several recently captured territories after a heavy counter offensive becomes a sudden nato countries including the u.s. and france are suggesting there could be open to manning the rebels but there's been criticism that that would go beyond the terms of the u.n. resolution paula has more from tripoli. global fighters have now been pushed back to the city of ras lanuf we are hearing that this is strategically important oil city is firmly in the hands of gadhafi is made now there are numerous reasons being bandied about as to why the rebels are being forced to retreat and retreat so quickly part of it is because gadhafi forces are simply based organize they better
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trained or they have basically leadership and this is a person some real dilemmas to the international community in terms of what it should do next when it's becoming increasingly clear that these airstrikes are not that successful while the government here in tripoli is insisting as it has done since these coalition a strikes began that the number of civilians continues to climb and that it hovers somewhere more than one hundred now we do know that there were secondary explosions caused in the town of mr which is about two hundred kilometers to the south of tripoli there because of an ammunitions dump that was hit in those coalition air strikes we were in there was a group of foreign journalists and we saw damage to the hospital as well as to divorce her in some residential areas the moves of some of the wards in the hospital had been broken in we also saw some beds where there was blood stains and debris and other patients were evacuated in time but we heard from the hospital staff that some thirteen people were wounded we also met when we were there any number of tourists in stop bangladeshi and also filipino and they as you can well
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imagine are very anxious and very scared and very desperate to get out of here british prime minister david cameron says that he has not ruled out arming the rebels and this of course is the concern that's been expressed by critics in the international community and circles here in tripoli since that u.n. resolution one ninety seven three was approved there is the cause that talks about a series of measures and this is open to interpretation and what we're hearing from the british is that if weapons are needed to protect civilian lives when they can justify the use of weapons we're also hearing some of the kind of line coming out of the obama administration there they're saying that they could allow for the supply of. more weapons and that they are looking at all options on the table now if indeed there is going to be the supply of weapons to the rebel fighters this poses a whole host of the limits and a whole host of very critical questions number one people do not know who the rebels are there are those amongst their ranks with outcry believin sixteen as leanings movies with the wind up in the hands and indeed if they do what does that
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mean it's also the vehicle possibility that the weapons could then up in the hands of gadhafi soldiers i mean even more than that if you're going to hand over weapons to fighters on the ground you are going to need to give them some kind of tactical assistance and training which begs the next concern particularly here in tripoli and that is the question of whether or not the international community is preparing the ground to stand ground forces here now the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has reiterated just how critical and just how important is some norio all of this paves should. we all heard the statements that the only goal is the operation is to protect civilians as according to the u.n. resolution we also heard the coalition would side with anyone in the conflict at the same time schrans has recently stated it's ready to supply libyan rebels with weapons the nato secretary general has immediately objectives saying the operation aims to protect the lesions not amish and we feel you agree with his positions
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russia's ambassador to nato has warned that when you talk about an arms embargo it needs to be applied across the whole field in other words it needs to be applied both to the rebels as well as to gadhafi support base now another question that is also alarming people here in tripoli is the whole question of whether or not the international community intends to target gadhafi certainly here when we hear statements from the british government as well as other european powers saying that they do not intend to target him his not a target the sense and the mood here in tripoli is that people here do not believe that. the party's policy. in cuba today the latest in our twitter feed from tripoli in the latest two. in fact she is reporting tonight that a change of tactics by gadhafi forces meant that coalition pilots are struggling to tell them apart from the rebels you know today with the latest from her on twitter underscore point. how he got his can off is that the major rebel stronghold of benghazi meantime the reports that people there remain defiant despite the latest
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defeat. everybody here in the city is monitoring the situation out there on the front and of course the news that the rebels were thrown back again by gadhafi forces were somewhat of a law here but i can tell you that all the locals here are really standing only on the one position and that is for gadhafi to go as soon as possible on the rebels say that they are ready to battle the fight until the end either until they're gone or until god he's got a purely there's an illusion i would normally life because many shops are open cafes and even restaurants but at the same time the banks are still not working and also and neither are schools in fact just yesterday i saw a ten or maybe eleven year old boy dressed in the traffic police uniform directing
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traffic at the same time the opposition has been working to build the control structure of the administrative structure in the east of the country the organizer an interim council we've also organized a new national bank and a new machinable oil company but when it comes to oil that industry is firmly on hold here in the country because of the on rest nany foreign companies international companies suspending their operations here and we're actually hearing that the only will be flying are you working currently in the carriage he is in the town of this midi enough to supply the the rebels with gasoline and oil but it's truly not enough for exporting oil abroad and your priest can offer reporting for us there i spoke to tim black he's from the british online political magazine spiked western leaders have no particular aid in libya other than posing for the cameras as he saw it. it allowed people like cozy allowed to carry on without
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president obama to pose on the international stage people doing the right thing by opposing like a. bad guy. from the start has been an utter confusion as to the purpose of this intervention often this intervention has very little to do with the libyan people themselves and very little to do with there and fight for freedom for their attempts to realize a form of self-determination because if it was surely you would expect the west to discover you care in the us to be intervening in bahrain where there is an equally oppressive regime and equally there are people struggling for freedom i suspect that they have as little idea as to what will happen in libya as parts i do at the moment. as the allied forces push for more military action in libya experts on arab affairs warm up the intervention fire on europe the theory is that libyan islamic groups are plotting terrorist attacks in britain in revenge for allied airstrikes
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are things done the bush. e.u. countries have taken a leading role in forcing the u.n. resolution but their efforts all the way over in libya now threaten to bring conflict right to their very own back doors claim colonel gadhafi now has little other weapons left in his barbary overseas terror he's faced repeated accusations that he ordered lockerbie bombing that killed two hundred seventy mostly westerners experts say some countries are particularly in the firing line three leading countries of the offensive. means for us in the united states of course the only option he has really is to use terror so i think little choice today it's a clear cut in prison better today in. the coming weeks but e.u. backing for anti that the rebels could back fire further rebel leaders include the
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libyan islamic fighting group and associates of al qaida and the casualties mounting every day from allied bombing make fertile recruiting ground for anti western forces there are agents of al qaeda lurking now in the in that atmosphere of chaos. e.u. muslims protest against nato bombing of libya the organizer says people should prepare for the worst there's certainly there's a very strong likelihood of i think what to do with the ability. to track everybody should. the invasion of iraq lead to a surge in terror attacks in the e.u. almost two hundred people died in the madrid train bombings in two thousand and four while suicide bombers killed fifty two people in london in two thousand and
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five officials now dread similar results in the wake of this campaign western intelligence reports chris activity among suspected terrorist cells indicating the threat of attack is why one officer told r.t. an e.u. terrorist strike is now just a question of time. see brussels and just let you know next hour on this channel people of health crosstalk panel question whether nato really knows which direction it's heading in. this ambiguity make this mission creep even worse because we don't even really know what we want actually a friend of mine who is not an international asian specialist recently sold me he said well as far as i can see it. with the other interventions like iraq we didn't have an exit strategy but with this one they don't seem to have an entry strategy either. radiation levels in the seawater near the fukushima plant continue to rise they're
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now more than three and a half thousand times higher than normal radioactive materials also be detected in the soil of the facility government described the situation is serious and unpredictable workers have been unsuccessfully trying to restore the plant's cooling system in what's now the worst atomic crisis since chernobyl and there's been some debate over whether there are any similarities indeed between the two events professor christopher busby from the european committee on radiation risks told me the parallels are plain to see. that i said right from the beginning that this was a normal level disaster because it was quite clear to me at that time having looked at the explosions that there were major problems with the reactor pressure vessels and it now turns out that there are at least one of them is cracked and those fuel all over the place and the similarities with to nobble are quite quite real and in fact in what in a way this is a much worse accident than to nobble and the reason is that there are a lot of people living near the population of the hundred kilometer zone is about
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three million out of two hundred kilometers is another seven million people and the and the contamination out of those distances according to the eye. is about one make a. meter no no that's an awful lot of radiation that's one million disintegrations percent per square meter of land which is about twice as high as the train or the exclusion zone so they're going to be an awful lot of an awful lot of cancers we're not being told everything and right from the beginning we weren't being told everything this is one thing that happened which inaudible. well that is another parallel between these two situations is that we don't get told anything and the truth slowly comes out it has been dragged out of people there was a massive cover up an international cover up by the nuclear lobby of all the health effects of the chernobyl accident which is only just coming out now we now know as a result of research the least a million people have died as a result of the chernobyl accident yet we still have the nuclear industry telling us only a few liquidators died and there really wasn't any problem except sorrow and cancer in a few children and can be cured that was
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a pack of lies and i think we're going to get another pack of lies after this so people should go. why did the chernobyl exclusion zone still has high levels of radiation a quarter of a century after the world's worst nuclear accident. traveled to the nearby town which was abandoned then because of the catastrophe. exactly twenty five years ago what is now an absolutely lifeless ghost town of creepy out in ukraine was a bustling scene this was not only the pride of the soviet union in terms of construction something of a role model of a perfect town but also it was one of its biggest secrets towns like its were called the mcgruff or nuclear city and they were restricted only to the nuclear power plant workers and some military personnel and security service men is nowadays part of the chernobyl exclusion zone and it is believed to be very unsafe to live here in terms of radiation levels but this is the place where the authorities made their first fatal mistake this is called the death bridge that
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connects the chernobyl nuclear power station and the closest town of p.p.o.'s when the explosion happened nobody knew what was going on in the very first hours so the authorities set up a security checkpoint in order to avoid anyone leaving the city and entering the contaminated area the security checkpoint was at the very end of this bridge nobody knew how much radiation was emitted and most of the policemen who were working at this security checkpoint died in the first days after the explosion so there's a lot of misperception and misunderstanding concerning the levels of radiation in the chernobyl area or how dangerous it is here many speculate as to whether the land is populated with mutants or the levels the radiation would be able to kill a human being within minutes or even seconds now i'm walking in the central part of people right now and my radiation meter shows the level of around one hundred and forty nine hour this is of course about five seven times more than the normal human
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level and it may sound scary to some but those are radiation would not kill human being but in some parts of p.p.i. it's radiation levels go much much higher this is now around three hundred twenty micro wrong in which is more than fifteen times more than the normal human level of radiation but if we just take a little walk to this layer of moss on the ground you'll see that the. level will go dramatically higher now this layer of morse is one of the most dangerous spots in people in fact and it acts like a radioactive sponge if we put radiation meter on it you can see and you can even hear how frantic the radiation meter goes and the numbers are increasing rapidly some may say that this is very dangerous for for human health. specialists have told me on many occasions that in order to get some kind of harm to your body to to maybe even get the first stages of radiation sickness you have to literally just sit in the slayer for a week or so and only then you will feel some harm to your body in the fallout
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period of many nuclear particle still remaining in this area amounts to several thousand years only few of them actually started their full hour period twenty five years since the chernobyl accident should anything like that happen at the fukushima nuclear reactor the entire fifty sixty maybe even seventy kilometer radius would be evacuated that is according to some experts but clearly this land for the exclusion zone in ukraine will images will remain until the end of times as this land will never be inhabited again let's hear a shot ski out see reporting from the chernobyl exclusion zone in ukraine. some top world news for you brief now there are reports that police in syria have opened fire during a rally in the city of kut yes it's not know whether the gunshots were in the protesters or the air but them again after president assad addressed the nation but then failed to lift the fifteen year old state of emergency is expected to grow the country's own restaurants following the spring season for eliminators behind it and
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the government protests broke out a fortnight ago causing over sixty deaths so far. president bush and members have resumed talks as huge crowds of protesters continue insisting the leader immediately ends his decades of rule valuable or so laid off and to go after elections and install a caretaker government in the meantime wednesday's rallies in the capital also denounce the deadly explosion and weapons factory which killed over one hundred in south demonstrations in cities elsewhere have also seen presence on his control slip further away. flash floods have swept through a provinces in southern thailand it's killed at least twenty one and left over three hundred missing with trains canceled and three airports shut over seven hundred thousand people have been affected and thousands of tourists and stranded people are just plain the heavy rains on a cold front coming down from china they say more rain is expected over the next few days. investigators are working to establish where the russia's most wanted man was killed in
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a special anti terror crackdown security services suggest the doco omar of could have been among seventeen militants and died during a raid in the country south on monday artist peter all of the latest on this one from moscow. security services and investigators are being cautious about announcing a confirmed death toll for the al qaeda linked terror leader doku model has been announced around eight times in the past that they killed him a no peroration not stand out not to be true so they're waiting on the thorough investigation it's taking place in the aftermath of a major. operation that took place on monday in a shadia in the north caucuses no one's the d.n.a. testing is being carried out on those seventeen people who were killed while resisting arrest from security says is it not operation once not investigation is being fully carried out then they will give an announcement whether doku umarov was among those seventeen who were killed on monday in english. this was
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a huge huge operation the largest we've seen in town ten years from security services in the area that used the full force of the russian security services we saw attacks from the sky using aerial bombings as well as helicopter gunships being used to suspects who are arrested on the scene. certainly the most wanted in the country he has links to al qaida and his his terror cells house carried out a slew of deadly attacks across russia and just on tuesday he was the fish really charged with being the most the minds behind the january suicide attack on the head of the airport here in moscow now called course tuesday of course of which well was the anniversary the one year anniversary of another terror attack claimed by your model they took so many lives that was the double suicide bombing on the moscow
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metro so a very very much public enemy number one here in the country but and it's not just inside russia's borders that he is wanted it was announced that the united states had placed him on their wanted list also the unite. nations looking out wanting to see him being brought to justice. for all of our reporting looking ahead tonight in a few hours an hour to revisit the largest at least populated state in the united states which was once a part of russia and they join us in on a journey to see what the indigenous people call the great land. into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language is really. the first peek the beat. culture. that the have the germans are still unaware
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of what's going on in the money. that's going. on our kids. alaska the port of call them later on tonight on our t.v. but in the present well as in i've sports to come in about twenty minutes tonight find out how up of his getting on a quest for a first tennis title of the year that's when you know him but let's get across to those business developments on this very quick break. hello time for your business update
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a very warm welcome and you're also rushed the stage companies have been spelled out by president's budget he says there regulation needs to be significantly improved to help the country's investment climate. we are pretty much in order to reduce the influence of state companies on the investment climate we need to do three things first of all to publicize the show jewel of state companies privatisation of the next three years then to eliminate practices where government ministers hold positions on the board of directors in competitive companies and thirdly state companies need to establish a procedure for publicizing planned procurements including prices and information about contracts that would be full of them and rightly what how long to wait until the changes take place. issue that on the presidential proposals our priority is improving the information we climate which if. you experience these measures to
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be implemented through this year it will. have a look at how the markets are faring this hour your stocks are higher after some relatively good news about jobs the a.d.p. national employment report says about two hundred thousand private sector jobs have been added this month that's roughly in line with analysts and stations it's raise optimism before friday's government's monthly payrolls report. moving on to europe european markets finished wednesday's session in the black tracking gains in asia the food see which was hyped by strong gains from the mining sector slightly narrowed its early gains up because of course up about a quarter percent and the dax was up one point eight percent. and here in russia there are tears in the eyes of spanish when faced session in the black hole covering from chooses losses with the my six gaining more than one half percent and the r.t.s. was up point nine percent at the close let's have a look at some of the individual share moves energy majors were enjoying gains from
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gaining more than two point three percent look i wasn't far behind with two percent banking stocks will also on the rise was wrong point six percent down from my six. russian metal major move a loop it still has posted a six fold increase in its annual net profit it totaled one of the crucial billion dollars coming in slightly shy of them a spall kratz the increase in profit is mind with the offer still make as well the world's a company forecasts of ten percent increase in our this year. after four consecutive sessions of pe instruction stocks soar and correctional tuesday how whether they were turned back into positive territory on wednesday will be up trends likely to dominate on the markets till the end look weak. in last five days we saw four days of growth yesterday we saw some drop in the market mine arsen just
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less than one percent drop and would soon be very important on very low volumes this is very good feature of correction or consolidation you can call it but it's not the beginning of the fall so today we see the growing walmsley and the market is picking up again. here for high of trike as i look for that some of the business bulletin new york state now you can always find most stores all website are thought com slash business. of.
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disarming saddam hussein. yes no charge of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance to torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. playfellows again every embassy in kabul. chance to watch occupied afghanistan. and now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. he made. it is appropriate today in accordance as much as we can if he could even. face
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lab stomachs flat if you can shoot him enough so that it shocks them especially if you just stop but you don't actually break any games could interrogation techniques that we use injured you want on our troops but the senior leadership of our government. we have nothing to. really transplants. from. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of kenya that. shines corporations are on the day.
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there is not enough space for them on the ground. down to. get things nonexistent under the sun from. fill the gap of adrenaline to. discover the deeply hidden secrets. they are seen to. find the am. band even. talking to god. from. under the ground. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers n r t. down the field fishel on t application to i phone or i pod touch from the i choose up still.


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